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Transformational Healing that's

UNIQUE, to you?

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How does Transformational Healing happen?

Together, we develop a plan for therapy based on your priorities and guidance received from your higher self and spiritual guides. This, along with taking physical and emotional history and psychically reviewing your energy field, I help you pinpoint the areas of Transformational Healing that are correct for you!

Therapies include EMDR Counseling, Bodywork, Energy Work, and more from Harvey Caine, a Licensed massage therapist, Certified counselor, and Holistic Healer.

(PS my opinions are not a part of this process)


Dr. Charles Lightwalker

Testimonial >>

Image by Ella Jardim

Harvey is a very gifted healer who takes the time to share his vast knowledge of the energetic functioning of the human body in his classes. 

Dr. Charles Lightwalker

Sharon Denning

Testimonial >>

Olive Grove

I was absolutely floored by the results I've gotten with Harvey.  He really knows how to get to the heart of an issue and help you resolve it.

Sharon Denning

Diane, Medford, OR

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Image by Ave Calvar

I got further in an 1 1/2 hour session with Harvey than I did in a year and half of traditional talk therapy.

Diane Medford

What Is Transformational Healing?

Transformational healing identifies and resolves the underlying causes of your health and personal challenges.... whether they be physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual.


The success of the treatment is based on examining multiple causes and utilizing a robust choice of assessment skills and treatments, individualized and selected to meet your needs.

Benefit from 40 years of Experience, Knowledge, Intuition, and Channelled Guidance.

Assessments Include:  

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