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I-Power Healing – Fast Emotional First Aid for Virus Distress !

Anxieties, fear, overwhelm and anger are currently understandably high. Here is a powerful and effective way to reduce these feelings and increase your ability to take effective actions.

1. Set at least 5 minutes aside where you can be undisturbed. Turn off your phone(s) etc.  2. Get comfortable sitting or lying down. Place your hands comfortably on your thighs, abdomen or chest. Making sure your hands are resting on or near the identical place on both sides of your body (bilaterally symmetrical). I’ll post a video demonstrating this soon. 3. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, whether it's anxiousness, fear, overwhelm, anger or something else. Notice what area(s) in your body you feel it the strongest. (Rate how intense or strong the feelings are on a 0 -10 scale. 4. Focusing on these feelings, close your eyes and, “Ask yourself, What does the the part of me that's scared, anxious etc. look like?" Use the first image that comes to mind as long as it feels emotionally connected to the feeling (fear or anxiety etc.). If you don't get a picture, “Ask yourself, When I feel the feeling of ________ (scared, anxious, overwhelmed, angry) what image comes to mind?" 5. With that image or thought in mind, begin tapping your fingers on your body alternating between right and left hand at whatever pace feels good to you. Allow the image that you started with to change, morph, or start it's own video that you get to watch! Sometimes it's like watching a dream. Allow this process to continue until it stops changing and looks neutral or positive. This often happens in 90 seconds or less, but may take longer if you have more time let it continue till it feels neutral or positive. Note: Sometimes our current fears are related to very scary events earlier in life. If the image you see is a child 6 years old or younger, or the memory or emotions feels like it’s life threatening or a very scary situation, it's best to work with a trauma therapist. This is because events that feel life threatening or very scary usually requires another caring person to help us feel safe enough to process the event. If you have a history of dissociation, work with a trauma therapist. 6. After completing the process, allow yourself to focus on the initial feeling again. Rate the intensity of the this feeling again on a 0 - 10 scale. If the feeling has not been reduced sufficiently repeat the process. (A reduction of the rating of at least 25 to 50% is typically considered good especially with a single Power Tapping process.) I-Power Healing is a unique physio-neurologic process that occurs when we use Power Tapping, as described above, WHILE we FEEL the feelings, connect up the EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL sensations and engage your subconscious mind through visualizations. This process untangles the powerful emotions that were stuck in time in our body, mind and soul, allowing us to resolve the feelings without a big emotional charge. This frees us up to take thoughtful, effective actions based on our rational thinking. This is far better than experiencing all the unpleasant emotionally driven feelings or panic that often drives less than rational behavior. Remember however, that the unpleasant feelings are actually healthy reminders that we have something(s) that needs to be reviewed. To learn more about relieving emotional and physical trauma, or my other services, visit my website, I invite your feed back. Email me at Harvey Caine Certified Counselor, LMT, NT Spokane WA.

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